Thursday, July 31, 2008

hey whats new

What is new? I'll tell you. This white 16g iphone. It's the shit. I love it. It's perfect.


It's got a really good camera, the keypad is not that hard to use, the ipod is cool, there's a full calendar for me to put everything on, and it's got a straight link to my email. Generally an amazing purchase.

I need to sell a bunch of my clothing to Buffalo Exchange or something like that. I'm selling a couple pairs of Nike SB's [Dinosaur Jr. SB Dunk Hi's, and Money Cat SB Dunk Mids] so if any girls or boys with small feet are interested let me know, but be willing to cash out.

I have been laying in bed all day with the worst hangover of my life, after a night of throwing up and blacking out. Alcohol is not cool in large quantities. Right now all I want is to snuggle up with this one person and go to sleep. That would be purrrrfect.

mmm drunky drunk drunk


Saturday, July 26, 2008

janet jackson, i'm feelin you right now

Many new newses

To start off I bought a couple psychology books. Not the one I originally planned to get, but some others that will hopefully be just as good. The one that I'm currently [attempting] to read is Civilization and its Discontents by Sigmund Freud. It's intense. I've only gotten through the first two pages and I'm already overwhelmed with all the information. The one I'm going to try and read next is Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche. Wish me lucks .

Secondly, this is pretty unimportant but it was a big deal to me while it was happening. Last night there were some HUGE bugs in my room and they somehow both ended up on my bed at some point and I was freaking out by myself. One of them was a cricket of some sort. How the fuck did a cricket get in my room? The other one was a giant moth. Anyways, it was traumatic, and everyone who I texted for comfort was asleep! eek

Thiiiiiiiiiiiirdly I drew some pictures last night that I think are pretty cool. They're of 3 people who I think are awesome. It's just something new I'm trying out. I was just super bored and went on peoples' facebooks and found pictures I liked. If anyone reads this thing, lemme know what ya thinkkkk:
MILON [happy birthday today!]

i think its kinda cool.
oh and sometimes vidchatting can get a little kinky ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today was my last day at Peet's. I'm pretty happy about it. The schedule there truly sucked.

My mom broke my bike which is fucking gay but I think I'll be able to fix it eventually, so OK I guess.

Anyways I found this picture online. This is my favorite picture ever, at least that I've seen so far, I think. I don't know why it is ...I just LOVE IT! I totally forgot about it then stumbled across it a few days ago and got super excited:

ALSO!!! I'm gona start reading a book. How shocking.
Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche
I'm pretty nervous about reading it but I think my brain needs something new to dive into, and I ran into my old friend the other day and he was reading it and recommended it to me. He was about a quarter of the way through it, and said he's been reading it for almost 2 years now. Fuck yea


Friday, July 11, 2008

My life is just where it needs to be right now
The sun in California is really scary. Last night the sunset looked like ...either the sun was melting into the smog or the smog was I guess 'engulfing' it. I don't actually know what engulfing means but it sounds nice and quite appropriate..yez?
Things are going really well though. Me n my mom don't really talk that much anymore but I think that's better because we just don't see things eye-to-eye. My brothers and I are homies [but that's always like that]. I got some good ass friends, and they most definitely outshine the bad people, which is awesome. I'm a little awkward about this new things that's happening, but I just take a lil while to warm up to people completely, so it's ok I know it'll be good.

I called Tuesday Tattoo to make an appointment and they're booked through MAY! MAY!?@!#$%^!!!!! Yup, May. How ridiculous. But it's ok. Here's what I'm getting on my feets:
I'm still having issues deciding on the colors I want though, but I guess if I have until May then there's plenty of time to think about it. I'm totally open to suggestions though so SHOOT!

k I'm going to go put some olive oil on a pan and heat up this leftover pasta

satisfy my soul ;-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

- I'm quitting Peet's ASAP. That job is really starting to bum me out and I refuse to be bummed out. At all. Typed up a new resume and I'm gona go drop it off at some spots hopefully this week at some point.
- Got a manicure the other day and that was nice, then I walked to this knoll and fell asleep for a while which was also nice I really like sleeping in the grass and I also really like just hangin out with myself sometimes. I tried to meditate but it was really hard in such a public area....I got there for a minute though..haha
- I went to the Macintosh store today at Bay St because my laptop is broken. Check this...I called like a week ago and asked if I needed an appointment and they woman said no, I asked her if she was sure and she told me I could just walk right in. So I took a ton of public transportation out to Emeryville today with Ciara and once we got there aparently I needed an appointment so I ended up buying a bunch of cute underwear to makeup for my bad mood and also ate way too much.
- Ran into my tattoo artist and was reminded of how awesome he is [Freddy Corbin, Temple Tattoo] and now I realized how much I want my feet tatted and I'm going to be making that happen immediately or sooner if possible.
- Saw the boy who broke my heart worse than it's ever been before and was not affected at all. It's really refreshing to know that healing and growth is possible even when it seemed like it would never be.
- CAN'T WAIT for this weekend! 4th of July yo! I'm trying to drink drank drunk or something. Watch fireworks. Kiss someoneinparticular.

Do the damn thang