Thursday, July 31, 2008

hey whats new

What is new? I'll tell you. This white 16g iphone. It's the shit. I love it. It's perfect.


It's got a really good camera, the keypad is not that hard to use, the ipod is cool, there's a full calendar for me to put everything on, and it's got a straight link to my email. Generally an amazing purchase.

I need to sell a bunch of my clothing to Buffalo Exchange or something like that. I'm selling a couple pairs of Nike SB's [Dinosaur Jr. SB Dunk Hi's, and Money Cat SB Dunk Mids] so if any girls or boys with small feet are interested let me know, but be willing to cash out.

I have been laying in bed all day with the worst hangover of my life, after a night of throwing up and blacking out. Alcohol is not cool in large quantities. Right now all I want is to snuggle up with this one person and go to sleep. That would be purrrrfect.

mmm drunky drunk drunk


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