Thursday, June 26, 2008

i've been awake for a long time

so i really need to get my glasses fixed because i can't see very well which means i space out all the time which means i cause problems at work and piss off my managers....oops


i've been thinkin lately about nietzsche's whole theory involving religion as a form of disempowerment. i just wanted to get my thoughts into words, so i'll apologize in advance if i contradict myself or spell things wrong or something, cause i'm just writing as i's more of a ramble than anything, and it's not everything i think about it.
this is mainly focusing on catholicism. but i know there is a huge stress on fearing your own mortality. if you fear something which is inevitable, and worship in fear, then how is this helpful? i'm not denying that prayer and faith can be helpful for many people, but when it is something you limit your life to, and live in because you are scared to venture outside, that is when it becomes disempowering. your faith would not exist without the concept of mortality, so if the very concepts that drove what you believe in to exist are what you fear, then what are you even worshipping at all?
this is why i think buddhism is so beautiful. it accepts the fact of death, but brings a certain idea of immortality along with it. not a fear or mortality, rather an awareness of it and a really interesting acceptance. an awareness that your actions all exist within your mortality, and will be carried on to others' mortalities as well. karma is an incredible thing. also i love that there is not a god that people must worship because he is "almighty" and if you don't obey him you will be damned to hell. (what a limiting structure of life). instead you find enlightenment within yourself, and explore your own mind and life and past minds and lives within your own enlightenment.

i just wanted to get that out....

i've been feeling extremeley inspired lately and i know why but you don't get to know till i feel like saying it! hahaeehhhehe

i wish i could post pictures on this thing but my laptop is broken also (i break a lot of stuff i'm clumsy) and this weird computer won't let me upload my stuff onto photobucket.

for now

peace up !... ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

this could sound really weird?

i highly recommend that everyone sees KUNG FU PANDA. it's seriously hilarious.

so i was laying on my bed and thinking the other day and i could very possibly be trippin....
you know how people say time is an illusion? time is a matter of perspective, and i think that's what makes that statement true [if you choose to believe it]
so would that make everything that's perspective an illusion? it could be. it could just be the human mind abusing its power to analyze a thought, or a concept.
love, time, beauty, disaster...?
i have no idea.
that's why living in the present is so important to me, even though it's really hard not to think about what happened or what could be happening outside of what's directly in front of you.


i keep having day dreams about stuff that happens later on the same day.
i want to go camping somewhere really filled with nature. not on a camping site, but somewhere completely out in the middle of nowhere that's completely removed from city-life

Thursday, June 19, 2008

HEYYY im luisa and im hoppin on the blogspot plane [not train] and flyin high

got a sweet lil darlin back in my corner
below i know i love her, but i act like i dont want her
surrounded by the lonely, but yet feel like a loner
could be an organ donor
the way i give up my heart, but
never know because - shit, i never tell her!
ask me bout my feelings i'd holla that it's irrela'
i dont get myself caught up in the jello gella'
and puddin' pops, that others opt to call falling in love, but
for the record, have you ever rode a horse?
would i like for you to take me to pluto?
i said, 'of course!'
but if you ain't a sweet indeedy, i won't endorse
hans solo till i'm hit by the bullet, so may the force
be with you, and i'll hit you when better time permits
for now, give me examples of why you're the shit!
but how am i to know ith the profession that i'm in?
and if you do not know me, then how cold you be my friend?