Friday, July 11, 2008

My life is just where it needs to be right now
The sun in California is really scary. Last night the sunset looked like ...either the sun was melting into the smog or the smog was I guess 'engulfing' it. I don't actually know what engulfing means but it sounds nice and quite appropriate..yez?
Things are going really well though. Me n my mom don't really talk that much anymore but I think that's better because we just don't see things eye-to-eye. My brothers and I are homies [but that's always like that]. I got some good ass friends, and they most definitely outshine the bad people, which is awesome. I'm a little awkward about this new things that's happening, but I just take a lil while to warm up to people completely, so it's ok I know it'll be good.

I called Tuesday Tattoo to make an appointment and they're booked through MAY! MAY!?@!#$%^!!!!! Yup, May. How ridiculous. But it's ok. Here's what I'm getting on my feets:
I'm still having issues deciding on the colors I want though, but I guess if I have until May then there's plenty of time to think about it. I'm totally open to suggestions though so SHOOT!

k I'm going to go put some olive oil on a pan and heat up this leftover pasta

satisfy my soul ;-)

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