Tuesday, October 28, 2008


here's wassup:
i moved to santa monica about 3 days ago or something. it feels like i've been here longer. i set up my room in a house with some chill ass room mates, and started school yesterday. i've had one obstacle so far: BIKE CRASH
i was biking along broadway, coming home from the drug store and i had my bag around my handle bars. the bag got caught in my wheel and my bike stopped, and i didnt. my chin skidded along the pavement and my wind got knocked out. at first i couldn't get up, and i was just laying in the street trying to catch my breath, and this homeless man who could barely speak english was trying to help me. when i finally sat up blood started spilling out of my chin. someone drove by and pulled over, and gave me a towel for my face. he called an ambulance and they picked me up and told me i needed stitches, and eventually my elbow started hurting. i got to the hospital and one of my roommates met me there. the police questioned me. why? i have no idea. everyone in the hospital was asking me about it. how weird.
we were in the hospital for a good 4 hours. i got 17+ stitches in my chin, and my elbow is broken.
the next day i started beauty school at Vidal Sassoon Academy. so far it's cool. the people in my class are so funny!! we're already learning a ton of stuff, and today was only the second day. i can already tell i'd better be ready to soak up a shit load of knowledge. once my arm is healed [which hopefully will be soon] i'll be able to fully participate in my classes. one of the teachers already told me he'll give me a haircut, cause i want some shorter hair for SURE!!
i miss my boo a lot, but we're doin our thang and it's still amazing. here's some evidence of my damage::




Wednesday, October 8, 2008

so i officially decided this will just be a blog about my life in LA once i move there. so soon im gona delete all the entries before this and start ovah