Thursday, July 30, 2009

some love

This is my friends' group, The Cataracs. I love them. They are both bay kids out in LA makin' it big. I'm in the end of the video...hahah...If you like it then check them out (
Click the link to watch the video :)

And! I did this haircut on Dylan last night. She had hair below her shoulders and told me I could do whatever I wanted with it, how great! It's an A-Symmetrical bob with layers, I think she looks adorable. Hope u like it too :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

no cars go

People are ridiculous
I love marijuana
Here's some random pics from tonight. U can lurk all my pix on

This pic is by Camila, I just dig my new earrings in it. Hollarr!

Monday, July 27, 2009

i'm feeling sentimental

Some Pictures I Took Today::

I'm not feeling incredibly creatively inspired lately. I need to do something to get back in touch with me. I think I'm gona go to a temple this week for a silent meditation hour.

Any music recommendations? I need some new shit. I like everything...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

fresh paint job? CHECK

So yeah, if you know me then you probably predicted it...but I'm totally copping out of this whole growing my hair out idea. I just decided short hair suits me better, and I am wayy too into having colorful hair to go back to natural. So I owe my friend $500 or something...yeah right. hahah

I think today I want to go to the beach and bring a sketchbook and one or the other of the books I'm reading. (The Holy Quran, or Beyond Good & Evil). Both intense books, but both very informative.

Here are some pictures I found on one of my favorite photo websites. You guys should check it out, it's just endless pictures! You're almost certain to end up at pictures of naked girls at some point on that website & ain't nothin wrong with that! (


I love this picture. I really want to do a photoshoot with some boys from Venice with them skating old school, but not too many people really skate like that anymore...but I WILL FIND THEM!



I posted some new pictures on my flickr (

peace <3

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is a timeline of every hair cut/color I've had my hair since I bought my laptop. I think it starts around March or April of 2007. I think it's pretty crazy, but maybe that's just because it's me. I dunoo...check it out:

first pic i ever took on my macbook! i saved up like 2 yrs for that shit haha

OMG! BLONDE. Being blonde was a trip, people really do treat blondes differently. People wanted to party with me way more, and I got so much free shit. It wasn't supposed to be that color though, so I was just fucking SHOCKED the whole time!

Blonde w/ roots. I liked my hair with the roots. Still HELLA blonde tho!

BRIGHT RED! Right over the blonde. I left a little blonde panel in the front though, haha

Last time my hair really looked kinda nice and Hella long before I got to school!

FIRST SHORT HAIRCUT! omggggg such a liberating day :)

2nd short haircut. this is the beginning of my haircut addiction.

being too impulsive = black n blue hair...oh goodness

hella grown out. at least it's not blue anymore

one of my favorite haircuts i've gotten so far, even though i look super weird in this picture

My short haircut grown out and curled. I LOVED wearing my hair curly. i love curly hair

the haircut that alexandra gave me at her test to get hired for the company! Now she works there and it turns out we have the same birthday, same piercings, and hella similar style. Good luck charm!

Bright ass reds

my kinda sorta mohawk. that shit was short

my favorite color so far. looked SO good when it was fresh!

My most recent haircut the day it was done. I was really into this haircut, I wish it didn't grow out

This is me like 4 days ago, I look so odd in thie picture but its ok! My haircut is growing out quite a bit. I made a $500 bet with someone that I could grow my hair out down to below my shoulders without coloring it. I think I can do it. I'm allowed to dye the ends so they match my roots, so I'm doing that in 2 days at school, then the adventures begin.
I think it will be a good exercise in self control over things that don't ACTUALLY matter!

Anyways, it's a little embarrassing for how much this blog exposes me as a total photobooth whore, but what can I say? I love that shit.

School is over in 6 weeks. What the fuck?! That's unreal. I am so excited and nervous, and...omg...just happy about it basically! Optimistic for sure.

Good night :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 3 & 4, 2009

Abbot Kinney first Fridays art shows. We were late, but it's ok. I was drunky drunk drunk and taking pictures of everyone haha...I met some really cool folks. I think I'm starting to figure out who the Venice Beach skate-lurks are, cause there are a couple who I keep seeing around and meeting...haha...
We went back to my house and hung out with people, and ZOE came! One of the best nights I've had so far in LA. I will definitely be back at the art shows next month. Here is a display of my drunkeness, and other things that happened that night...:

wallpaper made of peoples' myspace profile pictures. SO TIGHT!!

I just thought this girl looked cool, and her friend didn't wanna be in the picture so i just included her hair

Abbot Kinney musiciansss

This dude's name was Paul. He thought my glasses were cool and asked me if he could see them, so I let him hold them and he got really upset that they were so dirty and spent about 15 minutes cleaning them for me...HAH

SATURDAY: Not that eventful...but still fun. Went to Roscoe's with Zoe and her friend Annabel. Got chicken n waffles, duh. ALSO! i finally got my roscoe's shirt. i've been wanting a roscoe's shirt for so long. I'm so happy.
After that we ended up at this hotel on Ocean & Broadway called Shangri La in a room with Maryam, Moi, Asa, and Drew. It was such a nice room! We went to the Santa Monica boardwalk but there were no fireworks unfortunately...but it's cool. Went back to the house and chilled. Here's a couple pix from that night that were appropriate for the innanet..haha

a rose! i like it

Maryam drying someone's sock and lookin' sexy

Only 6 weeks of school left...WHAT THE FUCK!??!!!!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

uhhh can someone please do this for me? thanks

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

dani d photography

oakland photoshoot. dani dynes took the pictures. check her out.

life is good, i'm gonna go eat some cookie dough and smoke a bowl.

'night <3