Tuesday, July 1, 2008

- I'm quitting Peet's ASAP. That job is really starting to bum me out and I refuse to be bummed out. At all. Typed up a new resume and I'm gona go drop it off at some spots hopefully this week at some point.
- Got a manicure the other day and that was nice, then I walked to this knoll and fell asleep for a while which was also nice I really like sleeping in the grass and I also really like just hangin out with myself sometimes. I tried to meditate but it was really hard in such a public area....I got there for a minute though..haha
- I went to the Macintosh store today at Bay St because my laptop is broken. Check this...I called like a week ago and asked if I needed an appointment and they woman said no, I asked her if she was sure and she told me I could just walk right in. So I took a ton of public transportation out to Emeryville today with Ciara and once we got there aparently I needed an appointment so I ended up buying a bunch of cute underwear to makeup for my bad mood and also ate way too much.
- Ran into my tattoo artist and was reminded of how awesome he is [Freddy Corbin, Temple Tattoo] and now I realized how much I want my feet tatted and I'm going to be making that happen immediately or sooner if possible.
- Saw the boy who broke my heart worse than it's ever been before and was not affected at all. It's really refreshing to know that healing and growth is possible even when it seemed like it would never be.
- CAN'T WAIT for this weekend! 4th of July yo! I'm trying to drink drank drunk or something. Watch fireworks. Kiss someoneinparticular.

Do the damn thang

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LuluB@bie said...

Ugh, same thing happened to me and my ipod. I called and they aid just bring it in but when I got there, they said that I needed an appointment. Douches.