Sunday, July 19, 2009

fresh paint job? CHECK

So yeah, if you know me then you probably predicted it...but I'm totally copping out of this whole growing my hair out idea. I just decided short hair suits me better, and I am wayy too into having colorful hair to go back to natural. So I owe my friend $500 or something...yeah right. hahah

I think today I want to go to the beach and bring a sketchbook and one or the other of the books I'm reading. (The Holy Quran, or Beyond Good & Evil). Both intense books, but both very informative.

Here are some pictures I found on one of my favorite photo websites. You guys should check it out, it's just endless pictures! You're almost certain to end up at pictures of naked girls at some point on that website & ain't nothin wrong with that! (


I love this picture. I really want to do a photoshoot with some boys from Venice with them skating old school, but not too many people really skate like that anymore...but I WILL FIND THEM!



I posted some new pictures on my flickr (

peace <3

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