Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 3 & 4, 2009

Abbot Kinney first Fridays art shows. We were late, but it's ok. I was drunky drunk drunk and taking pictures of everyone haha...I met some really cool folks. I think I'm starting to figure out who the Venice Beach skate-lurks are, cause there are a couple who I keep seeing around and meeting...haha...
We went back to my house and hung out with people, and ZOE came! One of the best nights I've had so far in LA. I will definitely be back at the art shows next month. Here is a display of my drunkeness, and other things that happened that night...:

wallpaper made of peoples' myspace profile pictures. SO TIGHT!!

I just thought this girl looked cool, and her friend didn't wanna be in the picture so i just included her hair

Abbot Kinney musiciansss

This dude's name was Paul. He thought my glasses were cool and asked me if he could see them, so I let him hold them and he got really upset that they were so dirty and spent about 15 minutes cleaning them for me...HAH

SATURDAY: Not that eventful...but still fun. Went to Roscoe's with Zoe and her friend Annabel. Got chicken n waffles, duh. ALSO! i finally got my roscoe's shirt. i've been wanting a roscoe's shirt for so long. I'm so happy.
After that we ended up at this hotel on Ocean & Broadway called Shangri La in a room with Maryam, Moi, Asa, and Drew. It was such a nice room! We went to the Santa Monica boardwalk but there were no fireworks unfortunately...but it's cool. Went back to the house and chilled. Here's a couple pix from that night that were appropriate for the innanet..haha

a rose! i like it

Maryam drying someone's sock and lookin' sexy

Only 6 weeks of school left...WHAT THE FUCK!??!!!!!!!

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