Monday, June 22, 2009


I feel like this picture is so cliché but these flowers were super siq

The front of a house in Venice. I think if I stayed in LA I'd have to live in Venice. I was biking around there today, it's so peaceful and nice.

Myself walking. I love that sweater, I think it's my favorite sweater I own.

Elsa looking at photos of my brothers, and Zakiya, and Zoe! My photo album is slowly growing. I'm trying to keep it up.

Elsa again, looking at pictures of this one day when me and Danielle went to the Albany Bulb. That day was amazing. I'd totally do it again.

And, just to finish off on a good note, some graffiti that was written on the sidewalk in Venice. I like it cause it gets straight to the point. Whoever this is should go bombing with F-Word in the bay, that'd be a great combo...hahaha

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Anonymous said...

fuck is a crew..not a person..