Tuesday, June 16, 2009


These pictures are from February of 2009 (this year). I Just got them developed. I know, I'm late. There are some that I couldn't expose, others that just didn't turn out right. Here's the ones that I particularly like::

My Little Brother! I love him so much

Fernanda at Thai Temple in Berkeley. I could go for some Thai Temple right now...Fried chicken...yumm

Logan @ a UCLA Party. "let me see ya grill"

One of my best friends in LA. He's great. David.

Keith aka "Stunnaman" @ UCLA party making a funny face

Niles chillin in our friends' house one night

Mad things rearrange.
I'm tryna get a ride out to the Bay for SF Pride weekend! Help me!
I've decided my goal is to work for Vidal Sassoon as a haircutter. Wish me luck, omg.



Tori "Yoshi" Nicks said...

You got a fisheye camera ?!!

Luisa said...

hell yes! it's amazing. so cheap and bad quality but that's kinda what's so great about it...