Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Korea Town

Last night my friend Maryam took me to go to her friend Moi's house in Korea Town to get dinner. Moi lived in probably one of the cutest apartments I've ever seen. The area she lived in reminded me so much of New York. I really liked it. The food was delicious and the company was great!
I couldn't help but take pictures in the apartment. Everything seemed like it was set up to be photographed or something. She had a great record collection, great art/furniture, and super great eats. Here are just a few pictures I took. I want to go back one day and take more! Enjoi, and check out my flickr also (

ALSO...My photos from the photoshoot I did at school finally were given to me on a disc. The pictures came out great. My model (Zakiya, my friend) looks incredible. Her hair is amazing. I'll post those pictures in my next entry.

Also, I'm going to be writing a lot of letters to people over the summer. If you want a letter, email me your address:

I'm going to SF Pride this weekend with Maryam! We are renting a car together and driving up and back. I'm so excited. I have a great feeling about it.

Peace for now, and happy summer to everyone.


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