Monday, September 21, 2009


It is Monday, and it's pretty nice outside. I'm inside, taking retarded pictures of myself on photobooth...why? Who knows. That's just how life be sometimes.

I am going to start a project for myself while I am here in the Bay so that I feel like I am being productive. A photo project. I need all my weed smoking friends to participate. All I need is for you to smoke weed in front of me. Pretty simple, right?
Well, holler at me if you're interested in participating. If you don't know my phone number shoot me a comment on here or hit up my facebook/myspace and we'll hangout. I'm reliable as long as your stoner ass is. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this. The more the merrier!

Hussle hussle.


Zoe said...

duuude! why am i not there to participate!!!?

Luisa said...

I DUNO you would be the star of the show! ur dad's show was so good last night zoe omg !!

Zoe said...

yayyyy!! omg we neeeed to talk! giirrrrrrrl i got some news!