Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i was just thinking about teeth
they are incredibly strange
i was looking at my baby brother's teeth and they're so small
isn't it weird that they come out and grow back in bigger? no other bones or body parts do that
if they stayed small people would look so weird
if they initially grew in big it would be weird also
and then we mess with them so much so that they look perfect, but they're just bones. i like it when peoples' teeth are a little funny.
it's just odd to me what a huge deal teeth are, and people don't ever really think about them, but they do.
i'm actually just procrastinating writing an autobiography for my cosmetology school application because i have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT TO PUT IN IT and i'm amazing at distracting myself.
i finished chapter 1 of civilization and its discontents


gross, yo

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