Sunday, June 22, 2008

this could sound really weird?

i highly recommend that everyone sees KUNG FU PANDA. it's seriously hilarious.

so i was laying on my bed and thinking the other day and i could very possibly be trippin....
you know how people say time is an illusion? time is a matter of perspective, and i think that's what makes that statement true [if you choose to believe it]
so would that make everything that's perspective an illusion? it could be. it could just be the human mind abusing its power to analyze a thought, or a concept.
love, time, beauty, disaster...?
i have no idea.
that's why living in the present is so important to me, even though it's really hard not to think about what happened or what could be happening outside of what's directly in front of you.


i keep having day dreams about stuff that happens later on the same day.
i want to go camping somewhere really filled with nature. not on a camping site, but somewhere completely out in the middle of nowhere that's completely removed from city-life


Anonymous said...

yo, this is what alexandra says:
CAMPING!!!! CAMPING!!!! KUNG FU PANDA!!!! i saw that shit in imax.

and this is what zoe says:
the daydreams!!! back on that sixth sense shit like before!!! dude. let's be magical together. i love you.

h said...
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LuluB@bie said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure about seeing Kung Fu Panda but everyone keeps telling me that it's good so....

Camping changes your life. You never realize how dependant you are of technology when your away from it for a couple of days. A real eye opener.