Thursday, June 19, 2008

HEYYY im luisa and im hoppin on the blogspot plane [not train] and flyin high

got a sweet lil darlin back in my corner
below i know i love her, but i act like i dont want her
surrounded by the lonely, but yet feel like a loner
could be an organ donor
the way i give up my heart, but
never know because - shit, i never tell her!
ask me bout my feelings i'd holla that it's irrela'
i dont get myself caught up in the jello gella'
and puddin' pops, that others opt to call falling in love, but
for the record, have you ever rode a horse?
would i like for you to take me to pluto?
i said, 'of course!'
but if you ain't a sweet indeedy, i won't endorse
hans solo till i'm hit by the bullet, so may the force
be with you, and i'll hit you when better time permits
for now, give me examples of why you're the shit!
but how am i to know ith the profession that i'm in?
and if you do not know me, then how cold you be my friend?

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