Monday, April 20, 2009

im not about this shit

when does it get good? its so different this time. its not the same at all. its this acceptance of what happened that makes me feel sick. i got on this level of happiness, we did. then what? how did that happen with this following? seriously, i want to know.
i dont even know
somehow no matter how much i avoid it, or escape it temporarily it always seems to replace itself right in front of my eyes, my nose, my lips, my body.
this sick acceptance drives me crazy.
i feel like im written in pencil, like im being erased. i AM. what the fuck??!
i dont know
im so out of it and not into it.

on a brighter note,
i am going to new york this friday afternoon for a hair show! its such an exciting opportunity for me. im going to be introduced into the industry ACROSS THE COUNTRY! im going with a few other girls from my school, but then once i arrive in new york im staying with my BEST FRIEND EVER, ZOEEEEE!!!!!! i am so excited to see her. i need her in my life right now. i need a reminder of balance, compassion, love. zoe always makes things amazing.

it's so hot here in LA. i have new hair, ill post a picture of it once my color is done. i also have new glasses which will get pictures soon as well. get amped!

and finally, id like to share this video with you guys, from


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